Inside The Mind Of A Flyer

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The most sought after position on any cheer team is the flyer position. Everyone wants to fly!  While watching a squad perform most eyes are on the flyers who are being tossed and thrown in the air and held up high for all to see. But what people don’t realize is exactly what it takes to fill the position of “flyer”.

I have been a cheerleader and flyer for five years and it takes a lot of hard work and practice to stay in the air.  The responsibility is not just the bases and back spot, but is mine also.  In order to make any stunt group successful you first have to trust one another and respect what each person’s role in the group is.

From the moment my group gets set to do a stunt the first thought that comes to my mind is…. How can I help take weight off of my bases and back spot?  The easiest way to do this is to squeeze my body and to lock out my legs. To do this I must first have faith that my bases and back spot will keep me in the air and out of harm’s way. Next, I must believe that I can hit the stunt and not second guess myself. Once my stunt group has me in extension I am focused on making my transitions between my heel stretches, bow and arrows, scorpions, arabesques and scales. I have to fully commit to my positions in the air and be confident in them. In order to hit my various body positions, I need to stretch daily and practice my body positions on the ground.

When I am comfortable with my positions on the ground it makes it easier to pull them in the air. When I am in the air I hear the voices of my coaches in my head telling me what I need to do to improve my skills. I then apply the corrections that I was given and stay as tight and clean as possible. One of the most important things to remember in the air is the counts, when my group and I know the counts it makes the stunt flow better and is much easier to execute. Although it seems that so much is happening in my head all at once I still need to remember to make facials and have fun!  Whether I full down or just go to a cradle for my dismount I always feel accomplished and proud of my stunt group.

My experience as a flyer has been challenging but also very rewarding. It has pushed me to train harder and to not give up on days when hitting a skill is difficult. Staying focused and having confidence in yourself is important for any flyer to remember.  For me, there is no greater feeling than being able to represent my gym and team as a flyer and perform for the crowd and the judges.

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Belle Fabian

Belle has been an all-star cheerleader since 2011. She is a current member of the Impact One All Stars in North Carolina on both their Senior Outbreak and Junior Fury teams. Belle’s favorite part of cheerleading is being a flyer and hitting new stunts to perform throughout the competition season.

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