How To Handle a Busy Schedule

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Balancing school and cheer has always been a challenge for me, but over the past few years I’ve learned how to balance my busy schedule.


I first started with a traditional calendar on the fridge but for me that was hard to keep up to date with all of my school, work, and cheer events so I began keeping a planner with me at all times that had plenty of room to write in and I could easily keep up with my school functions, work, and cheer schedules.


I also created a family calendar on my iPhone. This allows my family could see what I had coming up, what was due when, and when my next competitions were. Another great tip I’ve learned especially for school is not waiting until last minute to get things done. I used to wait until the night before to do my projects and assignments. I have since learned that it was easy to start and get them done as soon as possible so that you don’t forget.


Also if you’re going to a cheer competition, pack all your uniforms and gear a few days before. This way it’s ready to go and fresh in your mind with what you need to bring with you. This is what helps me stay organized and balance my busy schedule throughout my everyday life!

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Zenobia Keezer

Zenobia is a high school cheerleader from North Carolina. She became a cheerleader in the seventh grade and has never looked back. Zenobia enjoys tumbling, stunting and making new friends in cheerleading.

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