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Homecoming at my school is not just a dance, it’s a whole week full of parades and pep assemblies and the biggest football game of the year. Homecoming is what high school cheerleaders look forward to all season. From the very moment our season starts, we are preparing our pep assembly routine.

My team spends every night practicing for anywhere from two to three hours practicing for the biggest performance of the season. Our practices increase from 2-3 days a week to everyday until pep assembly. Our routine are usually 4-5 minutes of a mashup of the most popular songs and consists mostly of stunts. While most of our stunts are pyramids, we have a couple senior showcase stunts and individual stunts. Our primary stunts face the juniors and seniors and our fourth stunt group will face the freshman and sophomores. But pep assemblies are not complete without the dancing. Our dances consist of some sharp, cheer movements, some sassy dance move, and some jumps/flexibility tricks.

The next best part of homecoming week is the parade. The whole school district gets out of school to watch as colorful floats drive past them, carrying the classes and various athletes of the school. One float in particular stands out with the most team spirit. The cheer float at my school has banners with our team name on it and is covered in our pompoms. We pass by the crowd with our megaphones in hand, yelling our best crowd-pleasing cheers. It’s one of the best experiences of my high school career.

The lights are bright and the crowd is roaring, our pom poms glitter in the air as we cheer our team to a hopeful victory. The homecoming football game is the biggest of the season, even bigger than against our rivals. Our Varsity team is joined with the JV team to cheer alongside us. The homecoming game is the highlight of the football games.

Homecoming week is the greatest week to be a cheerleader. Not only do we get to participate in all the same things as the non-cheerleaders in our school, but we also get to participate in more homecoming activities. The football game from the cheerleading prospective is the best experience with the best view of the game. Our parades are the perfect chance to increase school spirit outside of football games. Our spirit days help create a bond throughout the school that makes everyone get excited for the parade and the homecoming football game and dance. Homecoming is an amazing experience for everyone evolved but it’s even more amazing for cheerleaders who get to participate in it.

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Maddie Hibbs

High school varsity cheerleader Maddie has been a cheerleader since age five. She currently cheers on the Dexter Varsity Sideline Cheer team and enjoys making the crowds happy. Maddie is passionate about being involved in the community and giving back with her cheer team.

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