First School, Then Cheer

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Cheer can be overwhelming and so can school, so it’s important that you balance the two because both are equally important. It can be hard to balance the two because both take up a big amount of your time and a lot of people can let schooling take over. others can let cheer take over, and the rest let their priorities fall behind.

What I’ve found most helpful to my time management problems is to make a schedule. Usually we have a certain amount of scheduled practices even though there are extras added later when it comes to an important game or performance like homecoming. But once you find out what those days and times are, make a schedule. It’s important that you get a calendar or planner to keep track of your responsibilities and block off certain time frames to do what you need to get done. This will be a huge help to you when trying to find time to do your school work.

Another tip is to take advantage of your time. It is so easy to slack off and play on your phone, scroll through social media, or use your free time to hangout with friends, but you need to use that time to be doing your homework. I usually will stay up late after practice doing my homework, and if my mom has to drive me somewhere I will be doing my homework there too. Don’t get distracted in class if you have free time, it’s really easy but you won’t appreciate it when you’re up all night and then have to go to practice the next day.

If you get behind in school it’s way harder to catch up than to just do it when it was assigned, especially when your parents get mad and make you skip practice which affects the rest of the team. All in all, it’s so important that if you’re cheering that you keep up with your school work.

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Valerie Adams

Valerie is currently a varsity cheerleader for Christian High School in California. She began cheering two years ago and has since grown a love for the sport. Valerie enjoys stunting with her team and values the many friendships she has made with the cheerleaders on her team.

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