Extraordinary Cheerleaders Put Their Team First

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A cheerleader’s skill can wow the crowds and make people realize the amazing accomplishments of cheer athletes. It’s what happens off the competition mat that makes an extraordinary cheerleader.

An extraordinary cheerleader is an athlete who understands team goals and skills are equal to or more important than the individual ones. They are the athletes that not only work hard to be their best but also work hard to bring out the best in their teammates. They do this in three important ways.

Extraordinary cheerleaders bring out the best in their teammates by:

1) Maintaining a positive attitude even when fellow cheerleaders are struggling with skills. An encouraging voice is much better than an irritated one.

2) Sharing some time with other athletes to help them with something that you might do well. The gift of time is the most valuable one.

3) Never quitting on someone or the team. Even when a competition or a cheer season seems to be a struggle, there is always a way to make it better. It just takes extraordinary cheerleaders working together to fix it.

I am on team that has experienced some great moments and some tough moments on the mat this year. I will go before my team this week to encourage them to find a way to work closer together through the challenges. Cheer can be high pressure with long hours. We need each other to make it. Whether it is help or encouragement when a stunt is not hitting, or it’s helping others to work through a tough personal or team communication issue, the extraordinary cheerleader is ready to help and not be afraid to speak up.

I know my team can accomplish great things through the end of this season. As individuals, we have come a long way. As a team, we have come a long way. We are so close to extraordinary. We hit zero when we remember this.

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Bella Rogers

Bella has been an all-star cheerleader since 2012. She is a current member of the Wildcats Cheer Pride. Belle’s favorite part of cheerleading is being a flyer and hitting new stunts to perform throughout the competition season.

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