Putting a Stop to Cyber Bullies

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While we work hard to portray the image of positivity, leadership, and strength- cheerleaders experience cyber bullying. Which is a common misconception. Cheerleaders aren’t always happy and do have occasional problems to work through, just like anyone might. We are sometimes thought of as the people who think, or act like we are better than others and are often categorized as the ‘popular’ kids in school.  Cheerleaders are people with a goal of bringing spirit to our school to make it a fun, memorable experience.

Cheerleaders can get bullied and made fun of, just like any one.  It’s clear that Cyberbullying is an awful thing and needs to stop. With the popularity of social media as a major way of communicating and sharing, it is also sometimes used to tear others down.

Tips to stop Bullying:

Those who experience bullying on social media sites should  keep their heads up.  Remember, those who post or comment negativity don’t matter. Some people will like you and some people may not like you. Either way, it’s important to stay true to the person you are. Resilience in the face of challenge and adversity is an important quality to keep in mind. To handle this as a cheerleader, you can support the people around you with kindness and understanding. A CheerLEADER is someone that friends and teammates feel comfortable talking to or working through problems with.

You can always look to a person of authority to get help with problems or bullying.  And remember, you are not alone! Cheerleaders are leaders of spirit. Always lead with positivity and kindness and the rest will just brush off your shoulders.

For specific tips on How to Overcome Cyber Bullying, read on here.

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Rianna Schultz

Hi, my name is Rianna Schultz and I have been in cheer for 5 years. Cheerleading has been a big part of my life and has helped me become the person I am today. Cheerleading has made me more confident and has helped me strive to be a leader and give everything 110% no matter what I am doing and in every aspect of my life.

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