Corners That Cheerleaders Should Never Cut

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It seems that in many aspects of life people are in a hurry to get things done quickly. Unfortunately, cheerleading is no exception. Many corners are cut that shouldn’t be. Cutting corners not only affects your ability to properly advance in harder skills but can also be detrimental to your health as well.

One way cheerleaders make the mistake of cutting corners has to do with executing a skill correctly. Sometimes coaches are also guilty of allowing cheerleaders to advance to trying a harder skill when he/she hasn’t properly mastered the lower skills. One example of this is when a cheerleader is attempting to learn how to throw a full when their layout is whipped over and low to the ground. Often time’s cheerleaders get in such a rush to try to make a higher level team that they push themselves to try to learn harder skills they are not ready for. Sometimes a coach will place someone on a team whose tumbling skills are not quite at that level because their other skills are needed on that team (such as being a strong base, and flexible flyer, etc). When this happens the cheerleader sometimes puts pressure on themselves to tumble at the same level as the majority of the team. This is when injuries occur. Never cut corners in mastering skills. They should be learned in progression to prevent injuries and to have correct form.

Another way that corners are cut in cheerleading is regarding stretching. Many times cheerleaders are in a hurry to start practicing and only “go through the motions” in stretching. This is very, very dangerous! Muscles and ligaments need to be warmed up and stretched before physical activity. Without proper stretching muscles and ligaments are way more prone to strains, sprains and tears. Just a few minutes of proper stretching before cheerleading can prevent injuries that could sideline the cheerleader for days, weeks, and in some cases months.

The bottom line is…take your time and don’t rush through and cut corners in any aspect of cheerleading. Your health and future in cheerleading depends on it.

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Gina Whitlock

Gina Whitlock resides in Winter Haven, Florida. She is married with a 16 year old son, Chace, and a 20 year old daughter, Cayce, who cheers for Top Gun All Stars and Florida Southern College. Gina is a former Polk State College cheerleader and has coached at both a private school and at a public high school. She has been a proud cheer mom for fourteen years. Outside of supporting Cayce in cheerleading and Chace in baseball Gina enjoys spending time with her family and friends, boating, and traveling.

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