Common Ground Between All-Star and High School Cheer

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All-star and high school cheer seem very different but are similar in many ways. They both require you to be there at every event, no exceptions. It gets hard to handle sometimes because they conflict every now and then but I enjoy every second of it whether it’s on the field or on the mat!

My coaches both just want to see our teams succeed and to be the best that we can be. Showcase for all-star is just as big as a pep rally for high school. Since competition season is coming up we are focused and absorbing new information like sponges. High school is the same way when we are learning new stunts that will fire up the crowd at games! Both teams are willing to do everything they can.

My all-star team is cohesive and not cliquey like high school teams often get, but everyone still keeps their drama outside of practice. If coaches see any drama, or sense any tension they will shut it down. Being one team instead of 20 people is important on both squads. No matter which team, all of my teammates are supportive and always have my back! Everything ranging from a bad day, to a hard test, all of my girls(and boys) are there if I need them. I’d trust each of of them with my life and I’m proud to cheer with them!

There’s some sort of stigma against high school cheer, people underestimate how hard they work. I’ve noticed that they work just as hard as my all-star team. Both my high school team and my all-star team are coed. My high-school team isn’t as advanced as all-star so we don’t do any coed stunts, but the boys are still valued as strong bases and back spots! It’s cool to be able to take new techniques from all-star and share them with my high school team. As well as transferring the importance of sharp motions during cheers into my choreography at all-star.

The biggest similarly between the two is that their both fantastic and are giving me the best memories of my life! They both allow me to travel to different cities with some of my best friends and just enjoy what I love to do the most.

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Kate Tomlin

Kate has been a cheerleader since the age of four. She is currently an all-star cheerleader on Brandon All Stars and a high school varsity cheerleader for the Merritt Island Mustangs in Florida. Kate loves the idea that her accomplishments as a cheerleader are inspiring for the younger kids that look up to her. She remembers when she was once in their shoes and hopes to be a good role model for them.

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