Coaching Younger Cheer Teams

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The most important part of being a good cheerleader is the leader part. At Sheriffs Extreme I get to be a good leader and a role model by being a Junior Coach.  Being a junior coach is one of my favorite things about cheer. Junior coaches in our program help the coaches of the younger teams with anything they need.  My favorite part is that I get to interact with a lot of the kids in my gym and get to know everyone. I love to encourage them and teach them to never give up.

Coaching kids so young can be a struggle. They often lose focus and get distracted very easily. That’s why being a junior coach is such an important job. I help to provide the coach with extra help when needed.  My job varies from play games with them to running tumbling stations. I am also responsible for helping with their routine by perfecting stunting and basic tumbling skills as well as assisting with some basic choreography. Sometimes I just help to make sure everyone is in their spot on time. I love that I have the freedom to be creative while assisting.

Being a junior coach is very rewarding.  When you finally see one of the younger kids you have been working with get a skill they have been struggling with you get this huge feeling of pride and accomplishment. One of the girls on the youth team, Lexi, and I had been working hard on her back handspring (with guidance from our tumbling coach). I will never forget the night she finally did it! I just ran and gave her the biggest hug I was so proud of her. But more importantly, she was very proud of herself. It is absolutely amazing to watch the younger cheerleaders I have helped preform their routines at competition. When they nail a routine that they have worked so hard on it’s the best feeling in the world. They are all so proud of themselves and I’m just as proud that I got to be a part of their success. It’s the little things too that mean the most like holding the hand of a new tiny cheerleader and walking them onto the mat because it’s their first competition and they are scared or helping them to know their position on that big, sometimes scary, competition mat.

Being a junior coach has taught me just how hard my own coaches work to make sure we are competition ready. I’ve learned how important it is to stay focused and ready to learn at every practice. They have inspired me to focus more on my own skills so I am able to teach what I know to the younger kids. It has also taught me to make sure I’m always being a good role model because little eyes are watching and copying what I do.

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Kadee Potter

Kadee began her career as a cheerleader at age four and is currently a cheerleader for Sheriffs Extreme in New York. Her favorite aspect of cheerleading are tumbling and stunting and enjoys challenging herself with both.

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