Cheerleading Traditions

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Traditions are a fun and important way for a team to bond together and create a legacy to be passed down for years to come. Traditions can build school spirit, strengthen relationships between teammates, and give new girls a chance to fully feel like a part of the team. Creating a tradition for your team can be easy to do and it can be a unique and new idea or a classic tradition used by other teams.  During football season, my cheerleading team has a tradition of wearing pink bows and pink glitter throughout the month of October for breast cancer awareness and wearing pink shirts on the day of our “pink out” game, as do many of the other teams in our area. This is a fun and simple tradition used every year by the team. Check out our competition teams traditions below!

The Signature Red Bow:

My high school’s uniforms are our school colors, which are navy, gray, and white and our competition team would usually have a bow with one of our colors to match. Our competition team travels to Atlanta, Georgia for nationals each year and when the team was supposed to go in 2013, there was a snowstorm and they were unfortunately snowed in and had to miss nationals. Since it was Valentine’s Day weekend, they had ordered red bows for their Friday night practice, but after having to reschedule to a local competition that weekend instead, they thought it would be fun to wear the red bows. Although the girls were upset to miss their nationals, they all came together and supported each other as a team. Ever since that one competition with the red bow, the team and crowd have always loved our bright red bows with our red lipstick and navy blue uniforms, and it has become part of our signature look.

Letters On Sneakers:

At the start of every competition season, our captains will give each member of the team a few beads with letters on them to put on the lace of their cheer shoe. These letters stand for a phrase that our team came up with at the start of the season to represent our team and to use whenever we need motivation. There is no better feeling than running onto the competition mat and putting my head down before the music starts to take a deep breath and look at the letters on my shoe. When I see these letters, I can smile to myself and remember the love I have for my team.

The tradition can be as simple as giving seniors a gift at the end of each season, having team breakfasts before competitions, or doing the same circle cheer together as a team before taking the mat at a competition. Creating these new traditions, or continuing old ones, promotes team bonding, creates a connection between alumni, current team members and coaches, gives team members, new and old, something to look forward to, and creates memories that will last a lifetime.


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Morgan Dias

This Howell High School cheerleader, Morgan, is from New Jersey and has been cheer since she was three years old. She has cheerleading to thank for the confidence she has gained both inside and outside of practice that will open so many other opportunities in her future.

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