Cheer Plans For The Summer

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The summer is the perfect time to master old skills, learn new ones, and spend time with your team. Whether it be learning new jumps, tumbling, or stunts it’s important to set goals for yourself. Some goals I have set for myself are cleaning up my basic tumbling and learning how to do a jump series followed immediately by tumbling. I plan to work hard not only in practice, but at home as well to make my goals a reality. At practice my team is my support. They know my goals and encourage me to always do my best. At home my family is my support as they are always there at all my cheer events. With my team and my family by my side, I will meet my summer goals.

As well as setting goals for yourself, summer time is a great opportunity to get to know your team through team bonding activities and team fundraisers. My team and I have a fun weekend at my cabin that strengthens our team’s spirit. We do team games, share stories, and bring a small mat with to do some basic fun stunts. After the weekend is up, we no longer just feel like we are each others teammates, we feel like a close knit family and continue that energy and spirit for the rest of the season in all that we do. The rest of the summer is filled with fun practices and events. My team does fairs, parades, car wash fundraisers, a pizza fundraiser, and themed practices were we all dress up and play team games.

With all the business of summer, I am glad I get to do it with my team. Summer is a break from school, but not from cheer so doing team activities throughout the summer is very important. I cannot wait for all the summer fun planned with my team!

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Adrianna Christ

Adrianna is a all-star cheerleader from Minnesota. She has been a cheerleader since she was 12 years old and has grown very close to her teammates. She considers her team a part of her family and would not trade it for the world.

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