Tips for Heading Back to School

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Transitioning from the long, fun summer break back to school everyday can be hard! It can be difficult to get back into a routine so here are some tips that helped me bounce back into days that start with school and end with cheer!


During the summer, I like to sleep in, but unfortunately you can’t sleep in for school. So in order for me to wake up on time, I like to start setting my alarm to the time that I have to wake up for school a week before school starts to get me prepared for the mornings.


Another thing I like to do is get a calendar so I can stay organized. It helps to remind me of my homework, when I have tests, and when I have practice.  It helps me stay focused and helps me be able to balance out my day.


One more thing that helps me transition is that I try to prepare some meals ahead of time so they are always ready to eat whenever I need a quick bite. I like to have fruit already chopped up and ready to make a yogurt parfait or make some egg muffins ahead of time that I can just freeze and then pop in the microwave.


And finally, I make sure that my backpack and cheer bag are packed with everything I will need! I like to make sure my school bag has plenty of pens, pencils and paper and that my cheer bag has lots of hair ties, bows, protein bars and bottles of water.

It’s not always easy to balance school and sports, but staying organized and focused always helps me out! Comment below if you have any great tips for making the transition easier!

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Jillian Hoard

Jillian is a rec and all-star cheerleader from Florida. She has been cheering in 2012 has grown to love the sport. Jillian enjoys bonding with her teammates and learning new skills, especially stunts.

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