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In cheer, there are some rules you must follow for your safety as well as the safety of those around you. Here are 8 things that cheerleaders should never do in practice.

1.) Think about things other than cheer.

Being unfocused in practice can be dangerous. If you’re stunting, whether it be a basic prep or a double up to extended stunt, it is always a good idea to be engaged and in the moment. This ensures you as well as everyone around you is safe.

2.) Play with your hair.

Having your hair down in cheer can be a safety hazard. It can get caught in a stunt, stepped on during tumbling, or can be a distraction to you. It is a wise choice to wear your hair up when you go to practice.

3.) Do whatever stunts you want without a coach’s permission.

Stunting is one of the most dangerous parts of cheer. No matter what level and division you are, it is always to your benefit to get a coach’s approval before stunting.

4.) Consume caffeinated drinks.

Drinking caffeine or sugar-filled drinks such as coffee or soda is unhealthy when you workout. It can lead to dehydration, especially while you are sweating in practice. Balance your body by drinking water at practice to provide hydration.

5.) Wear jewelry and baggy clothes

Having the wrong clothes at practice can cause problems. Jewelry can get snagged or caught in stunts which can be painful and hazardous for you. Wearing proper clothes can help you so you have a full range of motion in every part of your routine.

6.) Don’t listen to the counts.

Performing the correct counts makes your team look sharp and in sync with each other. Not following the right counts can make the routine sloppy and could make your team receive a lower score. It is critical to know your counts! Asking clarifying questions and practicing your routine will help you know your counts inside and out.

7.) Ignore your coach.

Your coach knows every part of your routine. Coaches are only able to guide you to success; it’s up to you to make success happen. It is up to you to listen to what your coach tells you and take your team to victory.

8.) Be negative.

Your team feeds off the attitude you bring to practice. Acting like you do not want to be there, or acting like you have something better to do makes the team feel unimportant. Make sure you always bring a positive attitude to practice. If you never do these 8 things in cheer, your practices will be fun and help your team practice for perfect performances.

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Adrianna Christ

Adrianna is a all-star cheerleader from Minnesota. She has been a cheerleader since she was 12 years old and has grown very close to her teammates. She considers her team a part of her family and would not trade it for the world.

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