Controlling Your Attitude

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Attitude is Key!

Overcoming a bad attitude is all about understanding the cause then holding a positive mindset. To deal with someone who has a bad attitude, you should be positive.

When someone has a bad attitude, I think it’s best to start by having a calm conversation with them about why they are upset. The key is understanding. They need to see that you are trying to help. Often times, people with bad attitudes typically have had a bad day or have something going on in their personal life. It is best to talk about it rather than holding things inside. If they don’t want to talk, simply let them know that you are there for them. And that you’re ready to listen if they do want to open up. They should know you’re there to help and encourage them in any way they need. Positive reassurance is a key factor in helping someone with a bad attitude. When they understand they are fully supported and surrounded by encouragement and friends, they may lower their guard more easily.

Attitudes can be contagious. Negative or positive. Click here for another of our blogs on the effects just one person’s attitude can have.  Be sure to encourage positivity with your teammates and your friends.  A good way to address the situation is to calmly explain to the person that their attitude is negatively affecting others. By calmly speaking with the person, you may open their eyes to the way they are acting. They might not even be aware of their bad attitude.

As stress triggers will naturally come up, the person with the bad attitude sometimes may even be you. If you are the person with the bad attitude, the first step is to take a deep breath. Make sure you fully calm in order to address any situation with a clear mind. Try to slow things down and understand why you might be feeling this way. Next, decide whether the topic is even worth being upset over. Most often you can turn it around in that moment. To get back to the good side, what are some things you can do to help yourself get into a better mood? Try a quick walk around the block in the fresh air. You might listen to your favorite song, exercise, drink some water, or teach your dog a new trick. There are so many things you can do to turn your attitude around.

When you do reflect, try to think about how your bad attitude has impacted those around you. Especially in team sports! Click here for tips on improving a Young Athletes attitude and performance. Most likely, that is not how you would like to impact others, so a positive step would be to apologize to those people. Let them know you realize what happened and that you are aware it may have had an effect on them. Now, you’re doing your best to work on it.

Bad attitudes may happen, it can be human nature. It’s how you choose to handle the situation that matters most. Remember to relax with a deep breath, reflect on the cause, and try a simple smile. With a winning attitude like this, nothing can stand in your way!

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