Focusing on All-Star Cheer

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This year I decided to focus more on all-star cheerleading. Because I love the rush of competing under the bright lights and winning of course I realized that I wanted to dedicate my time and energy to just one sport.


The switch of course wasn’t easy because all-star and sideline cheer can be completely different in many aspects. Stunts are definitely one thing that can be different between the two. You can do a lot more difficult stunts in all-star cheer compared to high school. Tumbling is another big aspect. My high school team did not tumble and I loved to tumble. Now that I am dedicated to all-star cheerleading I get to incorporate my skills into my teams performances, which is so much fun for me.

My new team is so fun to be around because we all like work well together and we all have the same goal to win and become better than we were yesterday. Although some cheerleaders may see the benefit in cheering for multiple teams, I decided that this was the best choice for me. It allows me to focus on what I love to do and gives me the ability to give all of my efforts to one team.

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Zenobia Keezer

Zenobia is a high school cheerleader from North Carolina. She became a cheerleader in the seventh grade and has never looked back. Zenobia enjoys tumbling, stunting and making new friends in cheerleading.

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