6 Things Only Cheerleaders Understand

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Cheerleading is a unique sport, and there are certain interests that come along with it. Take a look at 6 of the most fun aspects of cheerleading that only cheerleaders will understand:

1. Only cheerleaders will understand that it is acceptable to stunt anywhere and everywhere! Whether it be on the school lawn during lunch or in front of the Disney Castle during nationals, cheerleaders never have a problem throwing their top girl up in the air and taking a photo!


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2. Your closet contains just about as many cheerleading shoes as it does other shoes. It is not uncommon for you to be required to get a new pair each season and cheerleaders have no problem letting all the pairs pile up. When it is time for practice or a game, we always seem to have a great selection of shoes!

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3. You have more bows than you can count. When you need to dress up for Halloween or an event at school it is not uncommon for you to add one of your many colored bows to the outfit. There is not a day when you struggle to find a bow to match your outfit!


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4. You have seen just about every cheerleading movie multiple times. When cheerleaders have sleepovers, we have no problem watching the Bring It On series time and time again. Even if we just watched the same movie last weekend, nothing is more fun than bundling up in blankets and eating snacks with our teammates every weekend.

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5. Cheer practice is our favorite part of the day. Forget recess and lunchtime, we cannot wait for the school day to be over so we can go practice with our teammates and work on improving our skills together. We consider our teammates family and value all the time we spend with them, on and off of the mat.

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6. Cheer camp during the summer is one of our favorite times of the year! This is not only a chance to bond with old and new teammates but to also improve our skills and teamwork. Although outdoor camps may be sweaty and long, there is no better feeling in the world than being with your best friends.

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Sedona Brighton

This Colorado native, Sedona, took her cheerleading career to new heights when she joined the Denison University Cheer Team in Ohio. Cheerleading’s demand for teamwork is what she loves most about it as well as the fun flips and tricks that cheerleaders do.

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