6 Stages of Mastering a Tumbling Skill (with GIFs)

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Mastering a new tumbling pass or trick can be an extremely thrilling moment for cheerleaders, but it comes after a lot of ups and downs. Learning how to perform the skill  and actually achieving it are two completely different things. From the beginning to the end the different stages have meaning and importance, and definitely are all moments we will never forget. Take a look at these six stages of mastering a new tumbling pass (funny GIFS included):

Stage 1: It all begins when your coach yells across the gym to you that they want you to learn how to do a new trick. You start to freak out a little.

Source: gifsec.com

Stage 2: In a matter of minutes you become super excited just imagining that you’ll have this new skill pretty soon.

Source: cdn3.teen.com

Stage 3: After getting tips from teammates and coaches you give it your first shot, with a spotter of course. To no one’s surprise you freak out in the air and end up tumbling to the floor in your spotter’s arms.

Source: www.ohmagif.com

Stage 4: Now that your mid-air freak out is out of the way, you are ready to go for it!

Source: tumblr.com

Stage 5:
You are now starting to get the hang out of it and can land on your feet with the help from you trusted spotter. It’s about time for you to start going for it on your own.

Source: ctworkingmoms.com

Stage 6: And finally after practicing over and over again you have now mastered your new skill and you cannot help but feel like a million bucks!

Source: tumblr.com

Mastering a new skill takes time and patience. Not everyone learns things at the same pace, but if you stay focused on the result you want, nothing can stop you from reaching your tumbling goals.

Did I leave out an important stage of mastering a tumbling skill? Include it here in the comments below!

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