5 Feelings Cheer Parents Know Well

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Our parents go through a lot, however, some moments are better than others. This is especially true for parents of cheerleaders. They are our biggest support system and at times sacrifice a lot to make us happy whether it is getting us to practice on time or cheering us on at every football game we are cheering at. There are many emotions that cheer parents experience, but here is a list of the top 5 feelings that cheer parents know well:


Cheerleading can be expensive. Our parents want to give us everything that we want, and sometimes they actually do, even if we probably don’t deserve it.



Watching us work on new stunts and tumbling passes can be extremely nerve-racking for our parents. It’s really hard for them to stay calm in these situations and they sometimes can’t help but speak up.


Extremely hard.



But when we do nail that stunt we’ve been working so hard on they cannot help but brag and feel proud that they’re your parent.



When we have a problem or a conflict our parents are the first to back us up. They would do almost anything for us and that is something to appreciate.



And when our shining moment finally comes around our parents cannot help but tear up while watching us perform. After accomplishing so much as a cheerleader they are so proud of us and encourage us to continue pursuing our goals.


These 5 feelings are all so real and so normal for any parent to have. It is important that we as cheerleaders remind our parents of how appreciative we are of them and sometimes, maybe even embrace their long, loving hugs.

Share this post with your parents to show them that you appreciate them! They will be forever grateful.

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