Summertime With My Cheer Squad

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Summertime is a fantastic time to bond with teammates. With the pressure of school, its time to focus on my squad. This summer I made plans to hang out with my team. Here are some examples of my summer plans.

Time to get outdoors! With the sun out and warm weather, it’s time to spend hours outside. Whether we are hanging out at the lake together swimming or going on hikes, us girls are soaking up the outdoors. Plus, it’s great conditioning and I do not even realize I am exercising.

Try something new. Grab a teammate or two and try out a new class. It could be hot yoga, cooking, or getting our make up done, trying something new does not seem as intimidating. It doesn’t have to be cheer related, doing anything together builds a bond. Plus, I gain great memories with my teammates. One of my favorite memories, so far, is the 5K run we did in the dark! Super fun!

SLEEPOVER! This is my favorite way to bond with my girls. Grab your sleeping bag, a bowl of popcorn, and get ready for a great night. We share scary stories, funny moments, and play two truths & one lie. It doesn’t matter really what we do on this night, we giggle into the late hours of the night. Just plan on a lazy next day.

Cheer Camp. I love going to cheer camp with my squad. It’s the first time we get to look like a squad. Everyone looks fantastic in matching shirts and bows. This is the perfect time to learn new moves together and play games. We always seem to come up with new cheers or dance moves during camp. We find our squad balance between working hard and being silly. Everyone is very excited to be together.

Keep it Simple. Sometimes bonding begins with a simple thing, like grabbing frozen yogurt. It’s a short hangout but with new teammates this might be exactly what they need to feel apart. Making your new teammates feel comfortable and apart of the cheer family is very important to building a successful team. Remember when you were brand new to a squad, help your new teammates gel into a team.

A team that plays together, stays together. I hope your summer is full with fun, laughter, and great memories. Make time for moments that will bond your team and make long lasting friendships.

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Haile Cloutier

Youth and all-star cheerleader, Haile, has been cheering for six years. This Washington native enjoys meeting new people in cheerleading and being able to work towards her goals as an individual as well as on her teams.

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