Summer Fundraisers For Your Cheer Team

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In my eyes, a large part of having a successful cheer team is fundraising and having enough money to have a good start to the year. If a team begins fundraising before their season begins, they have a head start to a very successful year without any problems.

One of the easiest fundraisers we do for my cheer team is to do a family, friends, and community donation drive. We send out emails to their friends and family to ask them to donate money to our team. We set up a donation site through our school where the donations can go and be used towards things like camp, uniforms and new mats. We also head out to our community and solicit sponsors for our team. We hand out flyers with information and a photo of our squad explaining our needs for the year. Many of our local restaurants, companies and local businesses are more than happy to help sponsor our squad. In return, they get their names on the back of our t-shirts and on our website giving them advertising. Everyone wins! Once all of the donations are collected we hold a thank you night where we do a performance and invite all the donors and sponsors to come watch us perform and serve dessert. Again, it’s a great way to get everyone excited about our season, but to also say thank you as well.

Another way we fundraise is to team up with local businesses in our area that have promotional gift cards. We can purchase the cards from the stores for a certain price, then we sell them for a higher price and we keep the profit. These are very big in our area and it’s a great summer fundraiser! Each member is required to sell a certain amount and therefore everyone is participating and feeling like they are all contributing! Check our your retailers to see if they are participating and start earning for your squad!!

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Ally Boles

Ally Boles is a high school varsity cheerleader from California. She began cheerleading when she was 14 years old loves the team bonding and performance aspects of cheerleading. Doing what she loves with all of her best friends is what it's all about for Ally.

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