Need A New Fundraiser?

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Cheer is an expensive sport; between uniforms, practice wear, and competition. Because of this, some people are unable to participate in cheerleading. That is why fundraising comes in handy! I am about to tell you three fun ways you can make money.

Fundraiser #1 Sell pom-corn

Pom-corn is just a cute cheer way to say caramel corn. All you need is popcorn, vanilla, brown sugar, corn syrup, salt, butter, baking soda, bags, paper, and a printer. First you make the popcorn, put it in bags, sell it and have fun!

Fundraiser #2 Clean dumpsters

This one is a more of a hands on type of fundraiser. You know how in many places they have the dumpsters outside of peoples homes, well they can get pretty gross. Supplies are between $10-$20 which include a bucket, soap, scrubber, and gloves (recommended). I would also recommend charging between $10-$12 for the first garbage can and $8-$10 for the second.

Fundraiser #2  Cheer clinics

Cheer Clinics are fun for all ages. You can even order pom poms and shirts that say your team name to sell at the clinic. Every year when my school does it, we have a week of teaching them a cheer and a dance; but at the end of the week they perform at a school event. To make it more fun you can split your team up into different groups. Let the cheerleaders make up the dance and a cheer to later perform at the school event.

A couple of my tips for fundraising  include smiling constantly because no one wants to buy something from a angry cheerleader, show how peppy you can be, and remember to have fun while fundraising because you are doing it to raise money for you and your team in order to have a great cheer season!

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Lilly Johnson

Lilly has been a cheerleader since age twelve and is currently a cheerleader for High Mark Charter School and CheerKats All-Stars in Utah. She is extremely passionate about being a role model for younger cheerleaders and the soon-to-be cheerleaders that look up to her and her teammates.

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