Fundraising Locations You Haven’t Considered

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The best places in my community to fundraise for any kind of sport would have to be in front of a door at Walmart or at a car wash. I live in a very small town with too many banks and gas stations. The location is important because it’s where most people go. Everyone always goes to Walmart to get food, toys, or garden stuff.  Everyone goes to a car wash to wash their car, well what if someone washed their car for them. Consider the fundraising tips below.

Bring The Fundraiser to Them

Cheerleaders can sell more items for fundraising many different ways. Door to door advertisement is a good way because everyone that goes into the home will see a sign on the door. It will peak their interest in what is on the door and they might even say to themselves “I think I might want that”. Your attitude towards customers and choice of words may also affect how sales go. If you go around banging on peoples doors at midnight, chances are you’re not going to sell a lot of products.


People need to get excited about fundraising because if you’re not excited then they’re not going to be excited. If you go around selling products to people and you act like you don’t care you are not going to sell that many products. You also shouldn’t sell products that people don’t really want. If you sell mattresses which do not perish for at the least five years, you’re probably not going to sell that many. Due to many people already having one, and possibly not needing another.


Family and friends are also very important. Selling to your family and friends are easier than selling to complete strangers, due to these people actually knowing who you are. These people already have a biased opinion of you and they will feel more obligated to sell to you. Sell things that people like, want, and are interested in. Be excited about fundraising and have a great attitude towards customers. Putting forth the effort in the beginning through advertisement  is better than waiting till the last second to sell.

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Brenna Stidham

Brenna Stidham is a Sophomore at Seymour High School. She has been a cheerleader for 5 years and has also been a member of her school's band. Brenna recently joined the color guard team and is enjoying it just much as she does cheerleading.

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