Fundraisers You Won’t Dread Doing

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Have you ever had that dreaded feeling of being told you had to fundraise?  While fundraising is a way to raise funds for your team’s needs, it doesn’t always have to be a chore.  When you find a way to make it fun, more people are apt to join in and help both with their time and financially. Today, I am going to share with you 6 creative fundraising ideas for your next fundraiser!

1. Host a 5K – Hosting a 5K is a great way to raise funds because it can be done on a budget! These can be done at a school or around your local community. A great way to make a 5K race your own is to have a specific theme. You can even theme the race to cater to your specific fundraising goal or even a holiday! My cross-country team has held a Zombie Run in the past, and it was a huge success!

2. Powder Puff Game – Another great fundraising idea to do at your local school is a powder puff game! This is another easy one that does not require a lot of prior funding! You can even get creative with it and make it freshman vs. sophomores or juniors vs. seniors!

3. Bake Sale – This is a great idea to get everyone involved in your fundraising! I mean, who doesn’t love homemade baked goods? Whether it’s a simple chocolate chip cookie or cute owl cupcakes, everyone can make something for a bake sale!

4. Car Wash – A car wash is a great way to fundraise during those hot summer months – especially for those of us who live in the South! Just pick a central location in your community, put up some signs, and get cleaning!

5. Community Carnival – This is a great idea for fundraising during the fall! Your group can come up with creative games for people of all ages that people can play by purchasing tickets. Add a bake sale and some bouncy houses and then you have a fun fall festival!

6. Pageant/Fashion Show– This is another simple idea that can really be made your own with a few creative twists! Make it a “woman-less beauty pageant” and have the boys participate and dress up! Or you could have a fashion show of all ages and all types of participants. Everyone in the community will love getting involved and being able to attend.

Hopefully this gave you a few ideas for your next fundraiser! Remember, the most important thing to remember when raising money for your cause is to 1) have fun and 2) believe in your cause! When you are truly passionate about what you’re raising money for, people can tell and are more willing to give. So have fun and good luck!

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Chelsey Craft

This Mississippi native, Chelsey, began her cheerleading career in second grade and now cheers for the Seminary High School Bulldogs. Her most rewarding moments as a cheerleaders are selling ribbons on Friday mornings before sporting events and entertaining the young children who watch her perform under the Friday night lights.

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