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Your cheer season may be well on its way, but it is never too late to fundraise. We all could use a little help financially when it comes to a competition cheer season. The uniforms, competitions, travel cost and gym can be costly. And although you would not have it any other way, the expenses can add up. Below you will find many fundraising ideas for your cheerleading team or all-star gym. You will find 2 types of fundraisers: gym fundraisers and fundraisers that can help raise money for a cheerleader’s individual account.  Before you begin, it is imperative to get your cheerleaders and parents involved and motivated to start fundraising. Keep in mind that it also helps to have a fundraising coordinator to handle the fundraising communication between your team.

Gym Fundraisers:

Adult Nights:  Get a local restaurant involved in hosting a fun night out for the parents, friends and family. Besides charging a ticket entry, hold a 50/50 raffle and an assortment of raffle baskets. A great idea is for each team to be responsible for creating a basket to be raffled off.  Some raffle basket ideas are: Movie Night, Date night, Gift card basket, Beach themed baskets, Wine/Liquor baskets, and of course a basket filled with your Cheer Team’s gear.

Dine out Nights:  Local restaurants and even frozen yogurt businesses offer a percentage back to your gym. It’s a great team bonding even to get out and dine together and the best part is that money is going back to your gym.

Designer Bag Bingo: This is always a favorite night out and fundraiser.  It definitely helps to have a committee for this type of fundraiser as there is a lot to organize and put together. Check with your local township as well for the Guidelines to host a Bingo night in your area. Designer Bags can be bought at local outlet stores and used as your Bingo prizes. 50/50 and Raffle baskets can also be a great way to add income to this fun night.

Fundraisers that help individual cheerleading accounts:

Canning: Canning is a great way to not only raise money for cheerleaders, but it is also a great way to market your cheer team/gym. Ask local businesses if you can stand outside their store to ask for donations. The cheerleaders can take turns working shifts (with an adult chaperone) and can split the money earned. The cheerleaders can decorate their donation cans and make posters for their canning day too. Supermarkets and local pizza shops are a great place to start.

Sponsorships: Local businesses and even family members love to give back to their favorite cheerleaders. Put together a few sponsorship packages/levels. For example, you can offer a bronze package for $100 that allows the business to get their name on a Sponsor banner hung at the gym. A Silver package for $250, which gives the business all that the bronze package has, plus their name on your website. Gold package for $500, will consist of everything the previous packages offered in addition to getting their business name on the back of a practice T-shirt. Be creative with your package names. You can use your team colors or team names for the different packages/levels.

Here’s a few more fundraisers for you to try:

  • Pizza kit fundraisers
  • Candle fundraisers
  • Local business discount cards
  • Car washes and bake sales
  • Cookie fundraisers

There are endless opportunities to fundraise throughout your cheer season and it is never too late to late to start. Happy Fundraising!



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Jamie Micewski

Jamie is a proud, “Cheer Mom” residing in PA with her husband, son and daughter. She is also a 2nd grade teacher. Jamie spent 13 years of her childhood and teenage years cheering and feels it has helped her mold into the woman, mom, and teacher she is today. Her greatest gift is to watch her daughter embrace that very same sport through the world of All Star Cheerleading.

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