Crowdfunding For Cheer Teams

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There are many aspects of being part of a cheer squad. As part of our high school team fundraising is crucial for us to be successful. As with any sport, we have to pay for items like uniforms, mats, competitions and travel.  I have been a part of many fundraisers as a cheerleader, and I believe that I can share many good ideas. The first idea is hosting cheer clinic. My high school cheer team hosted two cheer clinics and they were both extremely successful. A cheer clinic can be done during basketball and football season and with any age group that the team feels comfortable with. Basically the team sends out flyers and advertisements through the school district for kids to come and learn how to do jumps, stunts, and learn a dance. They then get to perform with the cheer team at a varsity basketball or football game. This is an extremely good way to not only raise money, but get future generations involved. The best part is that kids love it! They really enjoy being a part of the team, and especially learning how to stunt. At our cheer clinics the cost included a t-shirt, bow, water and lunch. You can host them as part of your practice time or on a Saturday. We’ve done both, and they were equally profitable. The great thing is that you can have a lot of participation and everyone feels like they are contributing. After the cheer clinic, we sent out an email thanking each participant, and included a photo taken from the final performance at the game. The parents loved it and the kids had a great time!

Another great way to fundraise is using an online fundraiser including SnapRaise or Go Fund Me. My team participated in SnapRaise, and it was very successful. These fundraisers give family members and friends the opportunity to support the team by donating money through a website. Each team member is expected to send out a certain number of emails. The email includes information about the squad, what the money will go towards, and how easy it is to donate. Our website included a video that we made, to make it more personal. Once a goal is met, we receive prizes, including backpacks, t-shirts, and sports bras to practice in. This is a very simple, yet effective way to raise a large amount of money in a short time. The organization takes a bit of the money, but it is worth it to use their website and design. It’s easy for the members, too, as no one has to go around selling anything. Fundraising is an important part of contributing to a squad. No matter how you choose to raise money, it should be easy and fun! With these ideas, I hope you will meet your goals and have a successful season!

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Ally Boles

Ally Boles is a high school varsity cheerleader from California. She began cheerleading when she was 14 years old loves the team bonding and performance aspects of cheerleading. Doing what she loves with all of her best friends is what it's all about for Ally.

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