3 Things You Should Know About Fundraising

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Fundraising can be very important for group organizations. Having a successful fundraiser can go a long way as well as help your team tremendously. It can help with allowing your team to participate in more competitions, get new gear, and so much more. Here is how you can have a successful fundraiser and apply it in the future.


First up, finding appealing items to sell. If you chose something that not many people will buy, it will be harder to raise money than if you chose something people are more interested in. For example, try finding something that is trending, or something that people will want. Also, try picking something that has not been recently sold, that way more people will be enticed to buy from you.  This will help with boosting your sales to raise more money!


Second, try setting a goal when you are fundraising. Personally, this helps me the best! Think about all the competitions you want to go to, the money raised goes towards the new mats, new uniforms, new gear, and the list can go on forever. Take into consideration all of the new things you want for cheer, and set a goal of how much money you want to raise. This will help push you to do better with your fundraising!


Third, try to get your community involved. If it is for a good cause, your community more than likely would love to help you meet your fundraising goals. You can go to small businesses and ask them to make donations, or you can even ask your family, friends, your parents’ co-workers, and many others. Any donation big or small can truly go a long way, it all adds up.

When fundraising, keep these three simple tips in mind. First: chose something appealing to sell, second: set a goal while raising money, and most importantly third: try to get your community involved. These tips can help your fundraisers be successful and go smooth.

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Averye Bright

Averye Bright is 14 from Rowlett, Texas and is a member of Sideline Storm Lightning level 3. Her cheerleading experience includes seven years of competitive and recreational cheer.

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