The Habit and Practice of Daily Stretching

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Daily stretching is an important piece of any cheerleaders daily practice! Stretching is very important for me in both dance and cheer. I try to stretch everyday to maintain my flexibility.

A cheerleader must possess great hip flexibility for jumps and stunts like the scorpion — a move where the foot is pulled behind the body and above the head. And this is true of all joints in the body when it comes to cheerleading, which makes flexibility so important. Up, down, left, right. These words run through my mind everyday as I’m stretching to increase my flexibility. Stretching is a practice that must be maintained. Daily stretching has given me the flexibility for my left, right, and straddle splits.  Be creative! I stretch at home in front of the tv or at the end of my bed.

Of course, when I’m at dance or cheer practice, I stretch. I love stretching with the other cheerleaders because I’m always learning new stretching techniques.  I have learned a lot of stretches from many years taking dance class. Every other practice we have a ‘technique day’ which teaches me new and interesting stretches I may not have tried before. Ask your coach or a team mate to help you take a look at where you are so that you can set specific and timed flexibility goals so you have something to reach for.

As you can see, stretching is a part of my everyday life. I encourage each of you to add more stretches to your daily routine and see how far you can go.

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Bella Monroe

Bella Monroe is a 15 year old sophomore at Oldenburg Academy. Her cheerleading experience began in elementary school where she attended various local cheer clinics. By the fourth grade Bella was hooked and has been cheering for her school ever since. Cheer has taught Bella many things; to be trustworthy, brave, and never let a girl down.

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