Representing My School

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Representing my school and the cheer culture is an important part of being on the squad.  To me, this means standing strong in its values and positively representing my team, my school, and my community.

I started cheering at a young age for our 3rd grade football team. Since then, I have represented my school as a cheerleader for competition cheering in both middle school and high school.

I was a part of our football teams cheer squad in both middle school and high school and part of our competition team in high school. I also cheered for boys and girls basketball. I am proud to represent both my school and my community with energy and spirit through cheer.

During the football season we decorate the boys locker room with blue and gold streamers, our school colors, and hang signs and cougar paw prints to show our spirit.  During basketball season, we spread our spirit and energy through the crowd by doing tumbling passes and stunts during halftime and sideline cheers during the game. As the season progresses, we perform our competition routine in front of the crowd.

During the competition cheering season, I represent my school and my team at the events we travel to and the events we hold. At competitions, everyone there is like one big family. Cheering on tumblers during warm ups and encouraging new tumblers to try their skill is one of my favorite things.

The best part about representing my school at a competition is when its our turn to take the mats. Our fan section gets so excited that you can feel the energy coming from both teammates and the crowd. The moment the routine is over is when I know we have all represented our school in the best way.

I have been able to represent my school as a cheerleader in the most amazing ways. I have had the chance to meet so many great people. It is a fabulous feeling to have people recognize you from your teams hard work and dedication each season. I don’t imagine life without cheer. It has been a wonderful experience growing as an individual and as a team. I hope to continue cheering in college, giving me the chance to represent my school in the same way I do now.


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