How To Stay In Shape During The Summer

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It’s really hard to stay in shape and fit during the summer, especially with all the summer sweets! But if you work hard and do your best, you can definitely overcome this obstacle. During the summer I try to exercise as much as possible.

Exercising on a beautiful day is the best time for a workout. I usually do a two mile run around my neighborhood when I wake up in the summertime. After this workout I feel good and ready to start the day. Although this is fun activity for me, it may not be considered fun for others. There are numerous other exercises that can be done during the summer. For example, playing a sport like basketball, tumbling in your yard, walking, swimming, jumping rope, hula hooping, or even dancing to music gets your heartbeat going and is exercise. Doing some kind of exercise everyday for around 30-60 minutes will make you feel great about yourself.

This year, I made my school’s high school cheer team and during the summer we have practice and conditioning. One of the practices for each week consists of tumbling and working on skills. The other practice includes an hour and a half outside early in the morning doing all different exercises to help make us stronger for the upcoming season. During this practice we do a lot of arm, stomach, and leg workouts for stunting. We also run multiple miles to keep our stamina going.

This summer on my own I am planning on creating a workout plan that challenges me. I will write up workouts for each day of the week to also help me stay fit for the summer. Another thing I plan on doing is eating healthier, making good choices, and eating correct portions. Make sure, during the summer you formulate good decisions and try your best to exercise everyday!

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Ali Michaud

Ali is a cheerleader from Connecticut who has been cheering since she was 7 years old. She has been a Pop Warner cheerleader and is currently on the Seymour Middle School cheer team. Ali enjoys learning new cheerleading skills and understands that it takes hard work to achieve your goals.

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