Why Cheerleaders Love (And Have) To Work Hard

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Every cheerleader knows that practice makes perfect. But, what drives cheerleaders to work hard?

There’s No ‘I’ in Team
I work hard for everything I love, and cheerleading is something I LOVE. I practice hard every day. Why? Not just because I love cheer but also because I want to help my hard working cheer mates to accomplish our goals as a team. As cheerleaders it’s not a ” one-man show” but a team event. It takes everyone’s heart, sweat and hard work to achieve our goals even if it’s simply to inspire, motivate or cheer up others.

Live What You Love
Cheerleaders work hard to be the best at what they do. We are not going to love something we’re not going to put effort into. Cheerleading is a sport and all athletes work hard for what they want to achieve. At practices I work hard by stretching, which helps prevent pulled muscles or nerves that can cause me to not cheer.

Mind Over Matter
Conditioning (working out) develops strength, improves performance and creates great stamina. Stunts or tumbling are probably the most challenging things to practice, but can be achieved with hard work. While the physical aspect of cheerleading takes hard work, you also need to prepare your mind. Sharpen your mental focus by envisioning nailing a new stunt or hitting zero at the next competition. As you continue to put in the effort, your confidence grows and you will feel proud of yourself and your team. Be happy to have accomplished your goal through hard work!

“Nothing can beat hard work, but hard work itself,” – Syed Sharukh

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Evian Navejas

Evian Ariel is 14 years old and from Houston, Texas. She is the cheer captain for Deady Middle School and has been a dancer since she was 4 years old. She is very passionate about cheerleading and the positive energy people gain from the sport.

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