7 Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays

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When I was a kid I distinctly remember one Christmas my mother telling me Santa Claus did not want milk and cookies. Apparently Santa was on a “diet” and requested Triscuits and cheese with an ice cold glass of water instead.  Confused and disappointed, I left Santa his crackers and cheese and went to bed scratching my head trying to make sense of it all.  My mother and I look back at those times and laugh, but now I realize that maybe Mom and Santa were definitely on to something.  Here are my top seven ways to stay fit and healthy this holiday season.

Don’t Procrastinate!

One key to staying fit during the holiday season is to start working out and eating healthy right away! Do not procrastinate and wait until after the new year.  Use your down time to continue to do the same workouts you are doing with your coach at practice.  If your team does not do specific workouts, you can always stretch!  You can also do your team sideline dances/cheers to high energy music! This Dance Cardio is a great way to stay active and burn calories!

Create A Challenge

The holidays are a great time to create a fitness challenge! You  can create a fitness challenge with your family or cheer team.  Challenges are excellent ways to motivate yourself to accomplish fitness goals.  Challenges become really fun when you have more people involved.  The more the merrier! Your challenge can be a daily plank, abs, or squat challenge.  You can even do one catered to running or even tumbling! This is also a great team building activity and a way to incorporate parents as well as cheerleaders in an effort to stay fit and healthy.

Keep A Journal

All the experts tell you to keep a fitness journal.  It sounds so mundane and tedious but trust me it works! Keeping a journal not only allows you to keep a track record of what you eat (or the workouts you do), but journaling also helps you see what works for your body.  Since everyone’s body is different, journaling gives key insight into how your specific body formula works.

Plan Ahead

One important aspect of staying fit during the holidays is planning ahead to make sure you are within your fitness goals.  If you have a party coming up on the weekend, it is a good idea to make sure you stick to your plan during the week so you can relax a little and enjoy your holiday party.  Also, if your school or job is constantly offering holiday sweets, you might want to consider packing your own snacks so you aren’t tempted to fall off your fitness wagon.  I would also suggest planning time to workout either before or after your holiday parties.  There is no harm in enjoying yourself, however when you have a specific fitness goal, you need to make arrangements to do everything in your power to stick to your plan.

Find Fitness Events

Fitness events are a great way to have fun and stay fit.  Search your local area for marathons, fitness meetups, and community classes.  It also helps to find a fitness buddy as well. You can both search cool events and hold each other accountable so you can reach your goals.

Create A Fitness Tradition

The holidays are the perfect time to begin a tradition! So why not start a fitness tradition! Starting a fitness tradition during the holidays with your family or friends is an amazing opportunity to create lasting memories.  Depending on your group, you can organize a flag football game, kickball, dodgeball, or any recreational activity that involves team sports. You can even go on a hike, or do water sports activities if the weather permits.  The sky’s the limit with this one! You can even get creative and have a family fitness scavenger hunt!

Treat Yourself

The holidays are not a time to deprive yourself. And trust me you don’t want to be that girl (or that guy) overly obsessed with your healthy diet during a holiday party.  Not only will other people become annoyed, but you will most likely not enjoy yourself either. It is very important to have moderation in all you do, especially when it comes to fitness goals.  If you want a piece of yummy red velvet cake go for it! Just remember that in order to lose weight you will have to burn more calories than you consume. (So you might need to amp up the cardio the following day at the gym).

Keeping in mind that this time of year is all about celebrating with family and friends, health and wellness doesn’t have to be a low point to your holiday.  In fact, you will have more energy and feel healthier if you have a health plan for your holiday.  What you do from here on out will reflect how you enter the new year.  So jump right in and get started on your Holiday Fit Plan!

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Kristin Dungee

Kristin Dungee is a professional dancer, coach, and choreographer with over 20 years of professional dance, cheerleading, and entertainment industry experience. Kristin is a highly sought after director and choreographer specializing in talent development and training. In addition, she has a BS in Marketing from Florida State University and is currently a NFL Cheerleader as well as a Cheer/Dance Consultant for Game Day Cute.

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