What’s in My Cheer Bag: Competition Edition

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Preparing for cheerleading competitions can be really overwhelming because I never want to forget anything. I usually compete with at least three cheer teams and one hip hop team so that means four different routines to remember and execute. Packing ahead of time helps me relieve some anxiety and then I can focus more on my performances. Not only am I going over the 8 counts to routines (over and over and over) but the night before competitions I am making sure I have packed my must-haves for the competition.


The most important must- haves to pack in my cheer bag for a competition is my cheer uniform, competition bow, white socks and cheer shoes. If I forget anything else I WILL NOT forget those four items for competition. If I didn’t have them what would I do? Well first my coach would yell at me and I can’t have that. Second, my team depends on me and we need each other to make the team work, so as you can see I will not leave home without those four items, never will they catch me slipping check list triple checked.


I also can’t go to any competitions without packing my makeup. Red lipstick, gold shimmery eye shadow, highlighting stick, black eyeliner and lashes are all needed. They are must haves and our coach does a makeup check right before we hit the mat. So we always have to be photo shoot ready. Oh don’t forget the hair spray it’s essential to keep this hair in place. Perfect hair, perfect make up always compliments a perfect routine. You always want to look your best and smile you never know who is taking pictures.

I make sure I pack my warm up jacket because some venues can be really cold. I also bring water because I have to make sure I stay hydrated. Sometimes those 2 minutes and 30 seconds can feel like a two hour workout! Some items can be easily replaced if you accidentally forget to pack it, but not my cheer uniform, competition bow, white socks and cheer shoes. I make sure they are packed in my cheer bag first!

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Essence Rentie

Essence Rentie is a current all-star cheerleader from Pennsylvania. She has been cheering since 2014 and has excelled at a tremendous rate. Essence's favorite part of cheerleading is the bond she has built with her teammates and coaches as well as the thrill of being a flyer.

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