My Dream Practice Wear

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Are you looking for your dream practice wear for all things cheer? There are several things to consider when shopping for your dream outfit.

I start every season of cheer by shopping for some new practice gear to stay current and refresh my look.   As cheerleaders, we are always looking for our dream practice wear. Does dream practice wear even exist? Can we ever truly find that one outfit that is perfect for practice? Shopping a variety selection is important because every cheerleaders dream practice wear is different. What is right for one person could be all wrong for someone else. One girl may prefer slouchy sweatpants for warm-ups while another would rather wear a super tight body-hugging and supportive bodysuit. For some cheerleaders, it is all about fashion- so their focus is on style, colors and fun patterns. Because looking good means feeling good. While other cheerleaders love customization. Adding things like team names, colors, glitter and rhinestones to every piece is what’s important. Other girls look for performance and function in their search for the ultimate apparel.  How does it fit and how easily can you move around in it is a big question to consider. Another important detail is where you practice- inside or outside. Another factor to keep in mind is cost. Nobody dreams of going broke buying practice gear that is just too expensive. As you can see there are a lot of factors to consider when looking for your dream practice wear.

I start each week by planning out what to wear to each practice.  This helps me to wear what I want, practice with confidence, and save time by being efficient. For an interesting summary of the fitness trends from the year, check out this link to learn about the top 10 of 2018 here.

So, what is my dream practice wear?  I always look for something with soft, light-weight fabric that has a lot of stretch and feels good against my skin. Chassé C-Dri moisture-wicking fabric is a great example of this.  It keeps you cool, feels great and always looks good too. My first choice outfit has to be the C-Prime 2.0 sports bra, tank, and shorts. I love it in every color they offer. If I could customize it, I would make the fabric a teal color and add either black or athletic gold shoulder straps and coordinating waist bands. I would have it customized with the Sheriffs Extreme logo (our team!) in a glitter print.  I also pair this with my Chassé Platinum shoes. They are super light weight and have Grip- Plex technology to help with stunting. Which is important because I’m a flyer and need a solid grip.  To finish off this new look I would add an athletic gold Chassé Mesmerize Hair Bow. I currently have it in four colors. It is my go to bow because it has just the right amount of glitter!

Now it’s your turn. What’s your dream practice wear?

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Kadee Potter

Kadee began her career as a cheerleader at age four and is currently a cheerleader for Sheriffs Extreme in New York. Her favorite aspect of cheerleading are tumbling and stunting and enjoys challenging herself with both.

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