Why Cheerleaders Love To Accessorize

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A cheerleader’s accessories are an essential part of their cheer lives. Most cheerleaders  eat, sleep and breathe cheerleading and want and need to show their love and support for cheerleading in everything they do and wear which is why cheerleaders love accessories!

The Cheer Bow:

The cheer bow is perhaps the most important accessory a cheerleader possesses. It’s more than just a way to pull their hair back, they’re statement pieces. Cheer bows can be covered in rhinestones, sequins or glitter. Bows are a cheerleaders crown; the bigger the better, don’t touch it unless they invite you to and under no circumstances should you ever disrespect the bow. Cheerleaders will proudly wear their bows in their hair, on their wrists (they make cute corsages – I even saw a promposal bow that simply said, “Prom?”), or on bow pros or bow keychains on their backpacks. The next time you see a cheerleader carrying a backpack covered with cheer bows give her (and her parents) an extra smile, she’s worked hard to build that collection!

The Backpack:

Cheerleaders have a lot of stuff that they have to have with them for games/competitions, they have to have their warm-up outfit, their uniform, cheer shoes, makeup, deodorant, hair spray, a place to put their phone, keys, money and a change of clothes. A backpack or duffle bag is absolutely necessary. In most cases they’ll be covered in sequins or glitter or will have their name and team name on it. Many backpacks will be adorned with cheer bows and/or competition credentials or trading pins. A cheer bag must be functional and it must be cute.

The Shoes:

Having the proper cheer shoe is critical and no one knows this more than a cheerleader. Cheerleaders want to ensure their personal safety but equally as important to them is hitting their routine, and that starts with the proper shoes. Cheer shoes are made specifically for this sport, they are made with tumbling and stunting in mind. Cheer shoes are lighter than normal athletic shoes and the soles are thinner which offers more flexibility. A cheerleader’s room may be a hot mess but her cheer shoes will be sparkly clean and as white as can be.

Accessories are an extension of each cheerleader’s personality, you can tell a lot about her by her shoes, backpack and cheer bows. They say diamonds are a girls best friend which must make cheer accessories a girls bestie. Cheerleading takes confidence, and accessories can boost ones confidence while showing support for the team and the sport.

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Jennifer McDermott

Jennifer is a proud cheer mom to two girls and lives life 2 minutes and 30 seconds at a time. She is a former cheerleader and cheer coach and believes there is no sport more amazing than cheerleading. Jennifer works at a police department as a supervisor of the police and fire dispatchers. Her hobbies include writing, dancing, theater, attending concerts and hockey. Let’s go Lightning!

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