When Your Routine Doesn’t Hit

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Why do you keep on performing when something goes wrong? There are so many reasons and I can speak from experience! Two years ago while performing in our final competition, our entire pyramid came crashing down. We struggled but got it back up within the last eight count of the pyramid. What a rush to know that we had come together and worked as a team to make lemonade out of lemons! We got to awards and we were sure that even though we had gotten the pyramid up partially, we were not going to place well at all. We hit the mat prepared for the worst. Well? Fourth place called and not us! Third place called and again, not us! We were surprised and relieved. We grabbed hands and prayed and when we didn’t hear our name for second place, we knew we had won!! What a relief. You can never give up in a stunt or pyramid because you never know how it will end.

On the other hand, I can speak from experience of a time when we did give up! We were at US Finals in Virginia last year and we were hyped and ready to go. Everything hit back stage! Everything! The announcer called our team out, we set, and the “wheels came off the bus!”  One of our first stunts fell and fell hard. They continued the routine but everything from there went wrong. Tumbling passes crashed into each other, teammates passes fell on their knees, energy went way down, and nothing was in sync from that point on. We were so upset when we left that stage because we knew our own attitudes defeated us.  We knew that we had given up and not fought for that performance. We knew our place would be last and it was and there was no blame game, we all knew that it was a team defeat not an individual.

I guess my point is, no matter what, as the saying goes, “the show must go on“.You defeat yourself and give up on your team if you stop, quit, or have a bad attitude. I believe a good way to put it is that you have to be resilient. When that stunt doesn’t go up, push it up and try again! If you forget your place or routine, fake it and get back in it ASAP! If your shoe goes flying off of your foot (true story!) do the routine without it and be proud! Hit those motions, hit those stunts, and dance your heart out and in the end, whether you win or loose, you know that you have done your best and kept up that performance attitude. This is the year for my Senior team! We will perform to the best of our abilities, never give up on our performance, and come out on top, even if the top isn’t first place.

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Justin Sabdo

Current all-star cheerleader and youth cheer coach, Justin, is from North Carolina. He currently cheers for Eastern Tumble & Cheer and enjoys that cheerleading allows him to meet and make great friends as well as improve his leadership skills.

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