Senior Year Cheer Squad Goals

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High School Cheer Squad Goals: 

  1. Cheer Squad Co-Captain
  2. Learning Advanced Stunts
  3. Growing Strong Squad Friendships

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved cheerleading. One cherished memory I have is cheering along with the high school football cheerleaders on those chilly, fall Friday nights. And as soon as I entered high school, I was able to join cheerleading. Now that I am part of the team, I can finally achieve my dream and become a captain.

Goal two for the year is for our squad to learn more advanced stunts. We had a lot of new girls join the squad last year so a lot of time was spent teaching new cheerleaders the ‘basics’.  The more advanced stunt groups took time to teach the new cheerleaders the basics. Now that we have more people who are experienced, I think that we can do more advanced stunting and tumbling. Currently we have 2 or 3 people who can tumble- the goal is for us to all learn!  And our boys’ basketball team agrees. They said they’d like to see “more flips”. I personally want to become one of the people who can learn how to tumble because many college cheer teams require tumbling as a skill. My personal goal is to learn a back handspring and eventually have a tumbling pass of a roundoff back handspring. Personally, I’m working on bettering my body for cheer with conditioning, and 30-day workout challenges. If my body is in great shape, then my cheering will be great, too!

Another goal this year is to build closer friendships with all the girls on my squad. Senior year will be the best out of all my cheerleading years. I hope that the cheer season will come to a good end and that I will continue it on into my college career. I am excited to get started this year!

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Rachel Harris

I have been on the Bemidji High School Cheer Squads for 2.5 years. I started out on Wrestling Squad then switched to the Football squad for the fall and Basketball Squad in the winter. I love cheer and plan on continuing it through my high school and college career.

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