Getting a Paid Bid to Nationals

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What does it mean to get a paid bid to a competition? Well, this means that you get all of your competition fees paid for by that competition to compete. For example, last cheer season my cheer team got one paid bid to The One Cheer and Dance Finals and we also got a paid bid to the U.S. Finals. This season my cheer team got one and so did my dance team to compete at The One Cheer and Dance Finals! Why is this such a big deal you ask? Well, it’s a big deal because not very many teams get one.


Most of the time, the highest scoring team of that competition will get a full paid bid. It was a really big deal for my team this year because my sister and I both dance on a hip hop team and I am also on a cheer team. If we had not received the paid bid my mom would have had to pay a lot of money for us both to compete. Now, with my cheer and dance team getting one, we both get to compete for free!


It is always an amazing feeling to have all of your hard work, practice, and dedication pay off at a competition. To get to say you came home with a paid bid to Nationals is icing on the cake! Where I come from we aren’t a very big gym, but with hard work and great coaches you can do things you never thought were possible. When you work as a team you win as a team. I had so much fun writing this blog, and I hope all of you guys enjoyed it. I just want to wish everybody good luck on the rest of your cheerleading or dance season!

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Torie Bosner

Torie is an all-star cheerleader from Ohio. She started cheerleading at 5 years old and is now on a Senior Level 2 team. She absolutely loves tumbling and stunting, and is grateful for the support she receives from her coaches, parents and gym family.

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