My Experience at Worlds

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In the days leading up to Worlds, it was very exciting! When our team arrived in Florida, it was very energetic and amazing! We settled in, anticipated what we were going to do, and it was just great! I’ve never experienced going out with a whole team, my brothers and sisters in cheer, to perform! The day before, we had our first practice, knowing what we had to do! My stomach was turning with anticipation, because I’ve never done this before, and didn’t know what to expect! After a day of successful practice, we were all excited, from knowing that we slayed! We came back to the hotel, swam a little, and headed off to bed!

The day is here for our first performance, and we are ready! This will determine, if we would be going on to the semi final round, which we were confident! We all got up early, because we were all excited and nervous, at the same time. We all gathered, said our prayers, took our pictures and headed out. When we got to the ESPN Center, it was electric! We met a lot of other teams there, with a goal that was equal to our own! Once we arrived at our building, our parents wished us good luck, with hugs and smooches, then we were off. Warm ups were intense but good. Then, we waited! The time came for our turn to perform!

We were anticipating this moment, since we got rid of the jitters, our few mistakes, and coaches encouragement! We knew exactly what we had to do, and planned on doing it. When our name was called, it was like you were watching yourself, but you are actually doing it! We went out to all of the lights, and it had begun! While I was performing, I could feel every tumble, jump, dance step, of all of my teammates! It was nothing like I’ve ever felt, as opposed to when I performed alone as a gymnast! When the final note played, I felt accomplished! While we sat and waited to see if we would advance, which I felt we would, our name was called! We all screamed with excitement, knowing that we would be performing another day!
Well, I didn’t think we could get any better, but the second day was just as exciting, and more energetic than the first! We knew, at this moment, we had accomplished everything that we came for. Being a brand new team, in a division that was so powerful, made us an underdog! As we waited, to see if we were in the top 10, to possibly move on to finals, the news came! We didn’t make it to finals, but we accomplished everything that we came to do, and more!

We all had an extra day out in Florida, which was spent reflecting on how amazing of a time that we had! Our mood was very upbeat! We explored the parks, shopped, and did some swimming! It all worked out for us, because we actually exceeded what was expected of us, and I look forward to experiencing it many more times! The pride that I felt when it was all over, is like none other. Accomplished, is the word that I would use! There will be many more trips to the Worlds Championships for me, I’m sure, but the first time, will be the time to remember, so far! I’m looking forward to going out with my future team and making them proud!

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Ari Crump

Ari is currently an all-star cheerleader who was formerly a gymnast. She began cheering when she was only five years old and has had a love for cheerleading ever since.

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