Competitive Cheer to Collegiate Cheer: My Journey

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Hello! My name is Yana. I have been cheering since the age of 5. Recently, I have experienced a whirlwind of fun and success! I made it onto a highly competitive STUNT team. For those that don’t know, STUNT is like cheer, but is currently under review of the NCAA to become an official sport. It takes the stunting, jumping, and tumbling aspects of cheer and puts them into eighteen different thirty second routines. So a team of anywhere from sixteen to thirty-six members will perfect by competition season. Players get statistics, technique scores, execution scores, and their own jersey numbers. According to most, it’s just like any other sport!

It has been so fun to move from the competitive cheer world into the collegiate cheer world. Now that I am a sophomore in college, learning the collegiate way of cheering was quite different than what I knew as a competitive cheerleader. My coach and my teammates have taught me so much. I work to inspire my team to work to their best ability, and push themselves farther than they have ever gone. By now they realize that they have all the potential to make our team extremely successful. The goal is that we work together with a strong team mentality. I love my team dearly, we are one family. The support that we all show one other is astounding.  And in many ways, it’s so similar to that of my competition team.

Since I had to retire from concept at eighteen years old, this has been my chance to be a competing cheerleader again. I love representing my school in the best way I know how. As the face of my University, showing what my school has to offer is the best. And we love to “bring it” on the mat! It’s an honor to be able to compete. I have worked so hard through tryouts to get on this team. So now that I am, I am ecstatic! Hard work does pay off. Just follow your dreams, stick with your workouts, and be the best athlete you can be.

With that, anything is possible!

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Yana Rolfsmeyer

I have been a flyer for 5+ years. In my spare time I volunteer and raise funds for kids with congenital heart defects. And though I be but little, I am fierce!

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