Everyone Can Be a Competitor

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In 2016 we have talked a lot about what it means to be a cheerleader and all that is has to offer to those involved in the sport. One benefit that some may overlook is the impact that competition can have on an athlete. For cheerleaders, even if they are not on a competitive team, can greatly improve as athletes and as people just from changing their mindset. Take a look at the video below featuring Maddie Gardner and Karson Swim.

Competition is all about motivating yourself to push harder than you ever have before. It is about embracing challenges that come your way and reaching the goals that you have set for yourself. In cheerleading there are multiple ways that this competitive motivation can benefit your career as a cheerleader.

Mastering Skills

Sometimes when we don’t set goals for ourselves or don’t feel challenged to do something it takes us longer to master new skills. However, when there is a prize or reward if we achieve it, we miraculously become motivated to reach our goal. Whether the reward be a new cheerleading outfit or a spot in the front of your cheer routine, we are all motivated to improve in different ways.

Winning First Prize

Although winning is not everything, sometimes wanting to come in first place is motivation enough to push yourself. You work extremely hard all season and try your best to create the perfect routine for competition season, so the thought of going home with that first place trophy is what gets your through those long practices.

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