The Many Emotions on Competition Day

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On the day of a cheerleading competition there are almost as many emotions as there are cheerleaders in the world. Between getting ready and performing there is a lot of stress, nerves, and of course excitement. Below we have listed what we believe to be the most common emotions from the night before a competition all the way up to the awards ceremony.


The night before a competition you are so excited that you can hardly sleep! You cannot wait to show everyone what you have been working so hard on. Although a good nights sleep is extremely important, sometimes it is close to impossible the night before a competition.



When you wake up the morning of a competition you start to get a little nervous. Not just about the routine and the performance, but about getting to the competition on time, getting your hair and makeup done, and making it to the competition with all parts of your uniform.



But once you walk into the competition, you become more calm and focused. You know exactly what you need to do and are ready to perform to the fullest.

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Once you and your team hit the warm up mat everyone becomes energetic and determined to prove themselves to the judges. Each tumbling pass and stunt is crucial during this time to insure that the team is warmed up and ready to give it their all.



For a brief moment, you might get a little scared when you spot another team pulling stunts that you’ve never tried.



But once you realize that they’re not in your division that fear quickly disappears.



When your team is on deck it seems like time is going slow and the routine before yours is close to an hour long. At this point you are all ready to get out there and perform!



Once you hit the mat with your team and hear the cheers from your supportive fans you become so confident and pumped for your routine. When your stunt group hits your toughest stunt  and you can see that all the other stunt groups did too, you cannot help but feel like a rock star.



As soon as you hit your ending pose you cannot help but feel so many emotions. You feel so happy that is makes you want to cry! In that moment you are so thankful for your teammates and all of the hard work that you put in this season.




And as you sit waiting for the awards to be announced you could not feel more proud of yourself and your teammates. Regardless of the outcome, you are so happy to be apart of such a wonderful sport and for the friendships you have made. But of course, coming in first place would be the icing on the cake!


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