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I made it through tryouts and now I am on my first Worlds Team and I am stressed out! Expectations are high for my team to do well and this comes with lots of anxiety. I don’t want to let my team down therefore I must not only work hard in the gym but also outside of the gym. Being that I am on a Worlds team, I have a few more months to get in as much competition prep as possible.


My competition preparation begins soon after tryouts. I started running a mile a couple of times a week and stretch daily. Using stretching bands and watching You Tube videos has helped with my flexibility.  I constantly watch cheer routines and listen to cheer music. This helps me to stay focused even in the summer time. The most important thing that I do to prepare for my first competition is pray. Faith is important to me. I feel as though God has given me the gift of cheer to share with the world and I don’t take it lightly. The day of a competition, I write on my arms “faith” and “no fear.” When I get nervous before going on the mat, I look at my arms and this helps me to calm down.  During the summer my gym had team camps where all the teams work on their stunts, tumbling, baskets, and pyramids. Each team has the chance to perform in front of the entire gym.


One tips that I would give a new cheerleader to help them prepare for a first competition is to be confident.  It’s okay to be nervous, but remember all the practicing and preparation that you have done is going to pay off. Another thing that my team and I do is to have fun before warm-ups. We sing our favorite songs and goof around before we get serious. Lastly, the first thing I do when I walk on the mat is find my parents. It doesn’t matter if it is five thousand people in the audience, I can always find my parents. They help me to stay calm.

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Maddie Forsythe

Maddie is an all-star cheerleader from North Carolina. She began cheering at age seven and is now a member of Cheer Athletics Charlotte. Maddie's favorite part of cheerleading is working together with her team to create an amazing routine. She loves being able to travel to different cities and meet new people along the way.

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