Competition Day Survival Guide

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While many are running around getting ready for the holidays, cheerleaders are getting ready for the upcoming competition season. As the countdown begins, I have put together a Competition Survival Guide to help prepare you for the exciting season ahead. Whether you are a first time competitor or a veteran on your team, there are many things you can do to make sure your big day is a little less stressful.

The night before the competition:

1. Eat a good dinner that will feed your body energy (think carbohydrates like pasta).

2. Lay out your uniform, low ankle socks, cheer sneakers, warm ups and of course…your bow!

3. Pack your cheer bag ahead of time. Some important things to include are : hair bands , bobby pins, curling iron, hair spray , comb/brush, your make- up kit , pain reducer medication, bleach pen ( just in case) and baby wipes. It’s always a good idea to pack some extra socks just in case your teammates forget them. Don’t forget to pack some healthy snacks and water in your bag, too. Competition venues typically have an abundance of food venders available, but they can get pricey. It will be cheaper and healthier if you can pack some food and water of your own. Also, remember to leave your valuables at home as your bags may be left unattended at times during the competition.

4. Be sure to know where you are traveling to. Look up directions the night before. Give yourself enough time to park and walk into the venue. Also, it might also be a good idea to have your coach’s cell number in case you need to reach him/her.

5. Get a good night’s sleep to ensure that you are rested and energetic on the day of the competition. Before you fall asleep, run your routine though your head and visualize yourself hitting your routine. Think positive thoughts!

On your competition day:

1. Wake up early so you are not rushing to get ready.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast consisting of protein and carbs. Breakfast is your fuel for the day. Taking the time to eat a good breakfast will help you keep your energy up throughout the long competition day.

3. Try to be as ready as you can before you walk out the door. If you can do your hair and makeup ahead of time, you will be less stressed when you arrive at the competition.

4. Leave time in your travel for unexpected delays, such as traffic, car trouble or getting lost.

5. Remember to enter the competition venue with a great attitude. You are representing your team both on and off that mat. Be a good sport, be proud and confident.

Lastly, believe in yourself, trust your team and get ready to rock the mat! This is THE MOMENT you have been waiting for.

Good Luck to you all and I wish you a Happy Competition Season!

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Jamie Micewski

Jamie is a proud, “Cheer Mom” residing in PA with her husband, son and daughter. She is also a 2nd grade teacher. Jamie spent 13 years of her childhood and teenage years cheering and feels it has helped her mold into the woman, mom, and teacher she is today. Her greatest gift is to watch her daughter embrace that very same sport through the world of All Star Cheerleading.


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