Cheer Season: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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The Good

The “good” of my past cheer season would have to be winning NCA with my team The Woodlands Elite Officers. Last year was my 6th year on a competitive cheer team. And this was my first official win! All in all, this was the best thing that happened last cheer season. As we won NCA, we got an at-large bid to Summit in Orlando, Florida.  At Summit, we advanced to finals! Which was a huge accomplishment. At finals we placed 12th.  Which is really good considering our stiff competition. We faced all the Medium Sr. level 2 squads in the world. Winning NCA last season lead us to so much positivity and challenge. What a year!

The Bad

My “Bad” this past cheer season was being affected by Hurricane Harvey. Although Harvey does not have much to do with cheer, it definitely effected our team. For two weeks, we were unable to go to cheer practice or meet up with our team.  My house was completely under water and I was unable to see my mom, who was at her house down the street while I was in the mess of the storm. This really took a toll on our team. Not being at the gym every day during this time was so hard. The gym is like my second home and my coaches and squad are like my second family.

The Ugly

The “Ugly” of the last cheer season was my mom crying as we had just won our first NCA in four years. I will never forget my moms face in the crowd when they called our names. They announced us for the 2018 NCA Champions. It was such an emotional moment.  I looked up at her and saw she instantly went into tears, sobbing. I am so proud of our team for accomplishing so much this year. And this is just the start. We look forward to facing new challenges together. Check out the journey of another athlete ambassador who went from Competitive Cheer to Collegiate Level Cheer here.  

While we have experienced many highs, some lows, and moments in between, this was a year of my life I will forever remember as our very first NCA championship. Go Officers!

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Logan Thomas

I have been in competitive all-star cheer for over 5 years. I love competing and leaving it all on the mat with my teammates. Not only do I compete for Woodlands Elite, I am also a Conroe High School cheerleader. I feel like I get the best of both worlds by participating in all-star cheer and school cheer.

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