Cheer Competition Stress

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Nail all your stunts, throw perfect tumble, hit those jumps… these are just a couple of things that run through my mind the night before and the day of cheer competition! Everyone has their moments in life and mine is being the best during a two minute and thirty second competitive routine.The stress of perfecting the routine is super high the last week of practice leading up to competition day.

To overcome the stress there are a couple of things I do to keep my mind clear and focused on my goal. During the last week of practice, I make sure to remind my teammates know how great they are and how much I believe in them, this tactic helps not only boost the confidence of my teammates but me as well. If my team feels good about themselves and their routine I know we will have a flawless performance.  Before we hit the practice mat there is a moment of silence when my team holds hands in a circle, closes their eyes and mentally runs through the routine to help clear our minds and think about every part in detail, I find this an easy way to de-stress before competition allowing me to calm my nerves and focus on what needs to be done to win.

Every team has one goal and that’s to win, I think this helps me stay calm knowing no matter what happens on the performance mat you’re a winner in your own way and that should never stop you from being the cheerleader who want to be in the future. I know my goal is to be a collegiate cheerleader and in order to be successful and follow my dreams I have to remain confident when in front of large crowds. Competitive cheer has not only opened my eyes to different world but it has allowed me to develop friendships, confidence and the ability to conquer fears whether big or small!

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Abby Williams

Abby is a 13 year-old cheerleader from Louisianna. She started cheering age the age of 2 and hasn't quit since! She currently cheers for an all-star and high school cheer team and loves that cheerleading challenges her to be a better athlete, teammate, and leader in her community.

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