Cheer Competition: The Road to the Worlds

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My favorite cheer competition memory was my very first all-star cheerleading competition. We had been working so hard for months: creating, practicing, and reworking our routine until it was near perfect. Our showcase went great! Although we had a couple pre-competition injuries which set us back, we pushed on. We worked really hard and it all paid off when we stepped onto the mat.

The competition was called Cheersport and it took place in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was so nervous as it was my first time being judged at such a high level in a tumble routine. I was so nervous throwing my standing back tuck. But as soon as I landed it, I knew I could finish the routine with perfection because I had got through the hardest challenge. For me, my standing tuck was the hardest obstacle I had to overcome.

After the routine, I was so proud of myself and my team. As time was ticking and the awards were being presented, my nerves were all over the place.  I was filled with so many emotions. Our team stepped onto the mat together as we waited until it was time for level-4 to be presented. It was down to second and first place and we were still in it!  We were all on edge- then second place was
called. It wasn’t us, which meant only one thing: We Won! Hearing our team name echo through the coliseum was absolutely amazing! All of our hard work and focus had paid off. Finally, all my nerves went away because our name was called and we won GRAND CHAMPIONS at our first comp.

This was a moment I will always remember with happiness and pride. The following Monday, our team tuned in to the Varsity TV network  to watch the summit bids. We received a wild card bid. I was so stoked! Next up, taking on the mat at Disney for Worlds Competition in May.

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Zenobia Keezer

Zenobia is a high school cheerleader from North Carolina. She became a cheerleader in the seventh grade and has never looked back. Zenobia enjoys tumbling, stunting and making new friends in cheerleading.

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