Cayce’s Injury Before Worlds

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Current all-star cheerleader Cayce Whitlock has experienced injuries right before major cheer competitions, just like many other cheerleaders. What is incredible about Cayce is her commitment and dedication to making a comeback from such a brutal injury.

Not only did she injure herself before Worlds, but she also planned to try out for her dream all-star cheer team just a short time after. In her complete interview Cayce talks about the high level of commitment and determination that it took for her to reach her goals after such a major setback.

It is one thing to miss your cheer team’s biggest competition of the year, but when an injury has the potential of interfering with the following season as well the pressure to make a comeback is high. For Cayce to make her dream team she had to dedicate many hours to her rehabilitation to ensure that she was fully capable of performing her high level skills.

Trying out for a team with limited spots is stressful in itself, and adding an injury on top of that seems like a nightmare. But Cayce was able to channel that stress into really focusing on gaining back her strength. She set her mind to something and with a lot of hard work was able to get back her skills.

And of course, all of this paid off in the end for Cayce. She made her dream team and has become a huge asset to the team. Cayce is well aware that if she hadn’t focused all of her energy on her comeback that there would have been no chance of her making the team.

Cayce is proof that working hard is the only way to accomplish our goals. Her comeback has made her so much more appreciative of where she is today and will continue to have a positive impact on the rest of her life.

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