Behind the Curtain at Cheer Competitions

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During competitions, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of your family and friends being there and cheering you on. And it’s easy for your friends and family members to forget that you’re here for a reason, and it’s not just for those two minutes thirty seconds that you’re performing. Let’s talk about what happens backstage, before you hit the mat, and how important all of this is.

So you’ve just arrived at the venue and you’re at your usual meet up spot, eagerly looking around for your teammates, friends and family. But that’s not all that’s happening. As your team is strolling through the door the other teams are noticing, so keep that confidence up. So all your teammates, coaches, friends and family are there, awesome! All the vendors have awesome selections to choose from, and those slushies look delicious! So excited to spend time with your grandma… but wait. We’re getting off track. This is a competition, and as exciting as it is that all your family and friends are here together… we need to focus. So let’s talk about how important it is to keep your head up.

As I mentioned earlier, other teams are watching your team walk through that door and gather. So keep your confidence high, and try to have everything together.. but that’s not the only place other teams are watching you.. and it’s important to not spend too much of your time watching them. When you’re backstage with your level two team, it’s easy to see the level four team and get scared, so remember to hype your team up. This is it. This is the drum roll to your performance, and as I’m sure you know, you don’t get to do it over. Backstage it’s easy to get lost in feeling like you’re going to blank, so keep your mind busy by hyping up your fellow teammates, and don’t worry so much about what the other teams are up to. Remember.. you’re not the only one who’s ever felt like they were going to blank.

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Tyra Cunningham

This North Carolina cheerleader currently cheers for two teams at Eastern Tumble and Cheer. She has been a cheerleading since 2006 and enjoys the constant drive to be better and do better that cheerleading brings her as an athlete and a person.

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