A Break From Competition Season

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I personally love competition season, but it also good to have a break! I think it’s good to have a break, because you get to chill. You also get to make more plans with your friends, and have down time. You also get to spend more time with your family. BONUS!

I also love competition season, because you make so many great memories with your teammates. I love to travel, especially by car, and go to different places. I also love getting ready, and putting on my sparkly uniform, along with my gigantic bow placed strategically on top of head. I also love spending time with my teammates, and getting to know them better. They end up becoming my family. It is a great bonding experience to hit the mat with your teammates!

I am sad competition season is over, but that means tryouts! I recently tried out, and made a level 5 team. I am so excited for what this year has in store. So that means competition season is coming up! I love the feeling you get when you step onto the mat. I love the rush you get. I always get a little nervous when something does not hit in warm ups. But at the end of the day whatever is meant to happen will happen. I normally don’t get that nervous before I go on. I am usually more nervous the first few competitions. One thing I always try to remember is that is when i perform, it’s just like practice but with more people. I also enjoy my teammates being there with me, and supporting me. Actually we all support each other and it is a wonderful feeling. I honestly would not be there if it was not for them helping me get through the long practices. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this little blog! I am super excited for this year!

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Bella Diebolt

Bella is an all-star cheerleader from Texas. What she enjoys most about cheerleading is being with her friends, the adrenaline she gets before a performance, and winning (and even losing) with her team.

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