5 Things That Terrify Cheerleaders

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Cheerleaders are always taught to “be fearless”. Don’t be scared and it’ll all be okay. Still, there are things that terrify us. Whether it be forgetting a bow or sports bra or dropping a stun. It’s the terror we face every time we walk into practice or on to the competition floor. So I asked some of my teammates what they are terrified. Here is a Top 5 list:

Forgetting your counts- While interviewing our teams designated main base, Kaitlyn, we learned more on possible cheer fears. When asked what terrified her most about cheering, she said she is terrified of dropping a stunt at competition and forgetting all the counts or being off of the counts because the stunt fell.

Being Hit- My teams backspot, Madison, had a conversation with me about what terrifies her most.  Her response was being hit. As a backspot, she is always catching falling flyers. Sometimes, this results in elbows to her face or feet or knees.

Letting a flyer hit the ground- On any cheer team, a typical fear may be that a flyer hits the ground. While together, we have to work to stay focused and present each day to avoid injury and land the stunt.

Forgetting a piece of a uniform or practice wear- This is personally one of the things that terrifies me the most. I am often checking my bag to be sure I have not accidentally forgot something before a game.

Getting injured- Being injured at practice or a competition seems to  be a common fear. Most teammates say getting injured is what terrifies them the most. It can be a very minor injury or something major, where you may be put out for months. Either way, staying conditioned and focused on our stunts is the best way to stay fit and healthy all season long.

For more tips, check out this article on Cheerleading and reaching your Peak Performance. 

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